who we are

We are Cenegenics Wellness.

A unique Cenegenics with advanced technologies. We focus on health optimization, healthy aging and cell regeneration.

Cenegenics Wellness

01. What do we do?
We help men and women to elevate their health to an optimal level, so that they can live with quality for as long as possible.
02. How do we do it?
We guide you through the science and precise medical interventions that can help you transform your health and wellness - at any age. 
03. Why do we do it?
Because everyone can live better, and we will do everything we can to make it possible for them to do so.

"I started with walks and worked my way up to a marathon."

Ida Mintz, 74 years old. The inspiration behind Cenegenics.



Opening of Cenegenics Wellness in selected locations


It is the level of satisfaction of our customers


Of our customers are physicians and their families

Cenegenics Wellness is preventive, proactive and personalized medicine.

The healthcare system is reactive, not proactive. At Cenegenics Wellness, we seek to improve health rather than wait for disease to appear.

An exclusive division of Cenegenics, with advanced technologies.

Cenegenics Wellness is an exclusive division of Cenegenics, with advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and regenerative technologies not found in any other Cenegenics center.
exclusive partners
Our team

Leaders in age management.

We work with a team trained in precision medicine, supported by the Cenegenics® Education and Research Foundation.
Luis Amadeo H. Situ
Chief Legal Officer
Yessica Fernández Cruz
Chief Wellness Officer
Mario Garcia Muxo
Chief Development Officer
Stephen J. Matlin
Chief Biotech Officer
Beatriz Loreto
Chief AI Officer
Claudia Villate
Chief Medical Officer
Adrian Cravioto MD, FACS
Medical Advisor
Jeffry Leake MD
Performance Health Advisor
Leonel Liriano MD
Regenerative Medicine Advisor
Todd Reid SCD, MPH, MBA
Health Data Advisor
Jin-Xiong She MD, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Dr. Irving Moreno
Performance Health Physician
Dr. Cecilia Martinez
Center Operations Director
Dr. Fernanda Sandoval
Performance Sport Physician
Mna. Mariana B. Alejandro
Performance Nutrition
Dr. Salvador Valencia
Performance Health Physician

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"The literature they share is very valuable."
Hendrik Van Nievelt
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