Cenegenics Wellness Method


Cenegenics Wellness Method

We rely on well-researched clinical and scientific protocols that can help you optimize your health and avoid chronic disease.

We start with an advanced diagnostic assessment that reveals an incredible amount of information about your current health status and its trend - so we can detect disease long before it happens and focus on areas for improvement.

Our goal is for you to be your healthiest version. We apply medicine to improve your health, we don't wait until you get sick. We are preventative and proactive in our approach.

From your initial in-depth assessment to ongoing touch points, our Cenegenics Wellness team will guide you to live better, for as long as possible.
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Performance Health Assessment (PHA)

A comprehensive advanced diagnostic evaluation. We collect your most revealing health data with advanced diagnostic tests and technology.
Our health assessment - Performance Health Assessment - is far more in-depth and advanced than conventional medical assessments. We measure indicators that many ignore with technology that no one else has. The results will be the foundation of your program.
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Perfomance Health Program (PHP)

Our team of experts will design your health strategy according to your goals, profile and lifestyle.
Our clients live busy lifestyles, both professionally and personally. Our specialists will design your program taking into account the findings of your assessment, and considering your tastes and preferences.
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As your body improves your biomarkers change too. We measure your changes to update your strategy.
Measuring your health data doesn't end with your first assessment. Throughout the year we measure your changes and make adjustments to your program as needed - so we make sure we're taking accurate action.

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Cenegenics Wellness Programs

‍The difference between programs lies in the amount and depth of health data we collect, as well as the frequency of clinical care provided by our experts.