Cenegenics Wellness Programs

Medical strategies to improve your quality of life.

We use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate your health and design a comprehensive medical program to help you achieve your health goals.

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Our Cenegenics Wellness Method

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Performance Health Assessment

A comprehensive advanced diagnostic assessment. We deliver an analysis of results, detailing your challenges and opportunities.

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Performance Health Program

A timely health strategy - With measurable goals and actions customized to your lifestyle.

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We update your program through multiple points of contact throughout the year. At closing we evaluate your improvements. 

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proactive medicine

Feel calm, cared for and in charge of your health.

Our Cenegenics Wellness programs follow rigorous medical protocols to identify your challenges and guide you toward better health, slower aging and prevention of age-related diseases.

Precision nutrition
Intelligent exercise
Targeted supplementation
Hormonal optimization
precision medicine

A lifestyle designed with your data and goals in mind.

The cornerstone of our programs is you. Depending on the results of your diagnostic assessment - Performance Health Assessment - and the goals you want to achieve, we design your health strategy - Performance Health Program.

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A low fasting insulin level indicates lower metabolic cardiovascular risk.


Of our patients balanced their abnormal fasting insulin levels after one year on Cenegenics.

I just had the desire to take more responsibility for my overall health.... I love bread, I also love french fries and that probably contributes to my having difficulty with cholesterol.  

Dwight Phillips
Olympic gold medalist

I realized that being thin didn't mean being healthy.... I was living a very unhealthy life. It's not how you look it's how you feel.

Sonette Kubik
Customer since August 2015

I have a genetic predisposition to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Unlike my parents, today I have them under control. Cenegenics Wellness gives you the guidance and tools to improve your health.

Daniel R. Ibañez
Customer since January 2021.