Performance Health Program


Performance Health Program

A Cenegenics Wellness Performance Health Program is a timely health strategy with customized actions to improve not only your lifespan but, your health span - Your quality of life and how you feel.

Each program is a symphony of anti-inflammatory nutrition, smart exercise, targeted supplementation, and the correction of metabolic and hormonal deficiencies, which are updated according to your needs and progress. No one element stands alone.

Their effect keeps the body in perfect harmony and contributes to our main purpose - to help you achieve your health goals and enjoy a life full of enthusiasm, vigor and a total sense of well-being.


We constantly measure and monitor your health status to show if you are having the desired results.
Your Performance Health Assessment is the foundation of your program, but that's not where we end up measuring your health. We evaluate your changes to update your program and guide you to take an active role in your own health.

Precision nutrition

What to eat. When to eat. How much to eat. Our team will design a personalized nutritional plan, rich in nutrients and low glycemic index.
Eating nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits high in fiber and vitamins, and healthy fats from plant and animal sources will help you have more energy and better mental clarity.

Intelligent exercise

We cover the full spectrum of exercise science and design the most appropriate individual exercise program or technique for you.
We balance the type, duration, intensity, and frequency of exercise in order to create a high probability of success. You will learn how the right exercise prescription can help you achieve the results you want.

Targeted supplementation

We determine the amount and type of nutritional supplement you need - if you need it.
By constantly measuring your health we can determine your nutritional deficiencies and direct you to the type of nutraceuticals you need and their appropriate amount and frequency.

Metabolic and hormonal optimization

If required, our doctors will help you balance your hormone levels and metabolic status.
Aging and other factors reduce the body's ability to maintain healthy hormone production. Hormones are critical to the maintenance of cognitive function, mood, metabolism and other important systems.