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Dr. Michael Howl

"The change has been so dramatic that my father once told me he thought I had photoshopped my head onto someone else's body."


"I am a 62-year-old dentist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have been on the Cenegenics program since January 2012. When I started the program I had 19% body fat. I was going regularly to the gym but was not seeing results. The first six months I lost 9.5 kg of fat and gained 7.7 kg of muscle. Cenegenics gave me the tools to make significant changes in my life."

Sonnete Kubik

"I realized that being thin didn't mean being healthy.... I was leading a very unhealthy life. It's not how you look it's how you feel."


"I have my stamina. I'm not so lethargic. I'm enthusiastic. I have my personality. I'm not exhausted anymore. I sleep a lot better. I wasn't in a good mental space before, and I think Cenegenics brought me back to that..... Because even though you think you can be okay, which I did, my husband, my family, and my friends were telling me that I needed to change something, that I wasn't the same. You can still be a better version of yourself, you just don't know it yet."

Dr. Bob Ledda

"Cenegenics was the most important decision I've ever made in my life. It changed my life more than anything else I've done."


"I'm 56 years old and I feel great. My body functions are at a very high level right now. Nine years ago at 47 I was exercising every day, eating according to the nutritional pyramid and still I was gaining weight and feeling discouraged. I couldn't get out of bed despite getting enough sleep. I was overwhelmed by everything I had on my plate. The energy I once had was gone. Cenegenics changed my life more than anything else I've ever done."

We measure what others ignore with technology that no one else has.

Dr. Irvin Moreno - Performance Health Physician Cenegenics Wellness

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At Cenegenics Wellness we focus on designing medical strategies to help you optimize your health. Because living well is as important as living longer.

Increased energy
and vitality
Weight control
and body composition
Increased desire
and sexual performance
Improved mental acuity
and concentration
Stress reduction
and restful sleep
Strengthening of the immune system
Chronic disease management
Management of biological aging
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