regenerative cell therapies

Improve your ability to heal and repair.

We collaborate with leading physicians, scientists and laboratories in the field to provide the best regenerative therapies.

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How to start?



Health Assessment - Health Assessment

We require a pre-qualification and health assessment to determine each person's eligibility for cell therapy.


Personalized regenerative cell therapy

Once you qualify for this therapy, our doctors plan every detail of your individual process.


Application of the therapy in our certified medical center

The form of therapy administration, including dosage, is determined by each individual need.

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regenerative medicine

Regenerative therapies promise to revitalize health at the cellular level.

Every restoration that takes place in the body is orchestrated by stem cells and their growth factors, which is why regenerative cell therapies have an incredible range of applications.

Better quality of life
Improved general wellbeing
Relief of aches and pains
Reduction of cellular inflammation
Strengthened immune system

A cell therapy seeks to create an optimal internal repair environment.

Regenerative cell therapies are purely biological therapies aimed at protecting existing cells, repairing damaged cells or tissues, promoting and stimulating the cell regeneration process, as well as correcting immune imbalances and cellular inflammation.

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Overall results

Factors to consider such as social history, diet, additional diseases and environmental impact determine the results of therapy.

Increased protection to existing cells
Helps repair and heal damaged tissues
Supports the restoration of cellular functions
Stimulation of cell regeneration
Improved quality of life and general well-being
Supports relief of aches and pains

Why Cenegenics Wellness?

Certified cellular products

Our cellular products come from established, certified laboratories that grow their cells from donated umbilical cord blood, which is procured, processed and tested to exceed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), FDA and International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) regulations.

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International group of medical advisors

We have the support and advice of medical experts in regenerative medicine, who guarantee that our therapies are applied in the best interest of our patients.

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Approved medical and scientific protocols

In the United States, the application of regenerative therapies for therapeutic purposes is still in the clinical study phase. In Mexico there is the possibility of doing so for therapeutic purposes if all scientific and medical protocols are complied with. 

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Licensing by COFEPRIS - the Mexican FDA

Our Cenegenics Wellness centers comply with all legal regulations required by COFEPRIS (the Mexican FDA) - licenses No.21-TR-09-004-0001 and No.21-TR-03-008-0002 - for the application of regenerative therapies for therapeutic purposes.

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